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In the past decade knitting, crochet and similar crafts have been making a big comeback as hobbies of choice. No longer is knitting seen as passé, it is a skill described by some as the new yoga.

Anecdotal evidence suggests rhythmic, repetitive acts such as knitting and crocheting can help to prevent and manage stress, anxiety, pain and depression. The rhythm of working the same stitch over and over again calms the heart rate and breathing, creating a feeling of stability and inner quiet. Einstein is said to have knitted to clear his mind.

Since 2011 Knit and Natter groups have been popping up at speed in libraries across Northern Ireland. Joining a knitting group is a great way to socialise and meet new people while boosting confidence and self–esteem. Knit and Natter groups in libraries are open to everyone – if you wish to escape the busy world of work, home and digital distractions or if you are retired and would like to get involved in new projects, find a group near you and cast on!

Details of Knit and Natter groups currently meeting in libraries can be found here  

If your local library is not on the list, contact the staff team there and register your interest! 

Knit and natter groups are often working on projects that benefit others. Projects undertaken so far include:

Age NI Big Knit
Tiny Life
Ulster Hospital
Educate the Orphans
Leo’s journey
KasCare – knit a square
Barnardo’s NI ‘Knit for Barney’

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